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19. April 2017

O.L.D. Review

OLD Review.

Last Wednesday we held another awesome Open Lab Day at the ViNN:Lab.

Some of our users got familiar with our 3D scanners while others made some arrangements for the first BBQ or beach visit of the year and lasered themselves some cupholders out of MDF.

All in all a full success and we are very looking forward to our next OLD.

The team from the ViNN:Lab

14. April 2017

ViNN:Lab Canteen Action

ViNN:Lab Canteen Action.

Last Tuesday we changed up the boring canteen routine with a quick and creative initiative from the Lab.

Our team handed out selflasered „tinkercards“ among the canteen visitors which allowed them to build either a box or pinwheel.

Our team purposely didn’t hand out any instructors among the students to provoke a little creativity.

The idea turned out to work flawlessly since some students even created chairs and other small projects out of their cards.

The initiative was a full success and probably caused some positiv variation among the students and we wouldn’t be surprised to find some of the creative tinkers at the next Open Lab Day.

Your Team from the ViNN:Lab

3. April 2017

House Site Printing

An on-site house 3D printed in Russia offers a glimpse into what the future of construction might look like.

Apis Cotr, 3D printing specialists based in Russia and San Francisco, say the walls of the building were printed and painted in just 24 hours.

3D printing a home usually involves creating the parts off-site and constructing the building later, however, Apis Cotr uses a mobile printer to print their apartments on-site.

Once the house has been completed, the printer is removed with a crane-manipulator and presumably the roof is then added, followed by the interior fixtures and fittings.

More info about the project:


20. March 2017

ViNN:Lab meets history.

Last Tuesday a small team from the lab had the opportunity to visit the archives of the DHS.

Between historical treasures we 3D scanned helmets and created 3D models.

A very fascinating aspect was that some helmets are over 1.500 years old but still in splendid condition.

We are very looking forward to more interesting corporations with the DHS.

The ViNN:Lab Team

12. March 2017

LED Bookmarks at the Lab

On the 7th of March we had 5th graders from the elementary school of Zeuthen as our guests at the lab.

The students laserd individualised bookmarks out of cardboard and „pimped“ them with glowing LED lights by tinkering with cooper wire as well as a coin cell.

Everyone was very satisfied with the result and we are very looking forward to more awesome workshops with you at the ViNN:Lab.

6. March 2017

Titan composite material for 3D printers.

On the Australian International Airshow Scientist from Deakin University presented a 3D printed Bor Nitrit Nanotube Titanium composite Material, a groundbreaking new technology.

„While Titan Composites are widely known and used throughout the Aircraft and automobile industry, a new composite made out of nano tubes would make the material much stronger and also lightweight. This new additiv technology does have the potential to be of great value for the automobile as well as aircraft industry.“ Professor Ian Chen

Deakin Scientist not only invented this process but they also created a production method to make it a scalable and cost efficient solution for commercial use.