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26. October 2016

Halloween at the ViNN:Lab


As you guys know, Halloween is coming up.

Surely we at the Lab came up with some ideas to ‚halloween-pimp‘ every house for the big ‚trick or treat‘ session next Monday.

Stop by at our ‚Open Lab Day’ next Wednesday from 9am to 7pm to get creative.

We are looking forward to see you at the Lab 

The Lab:Team

20. October 2016

First Arduino Workshop

First Arduino Workshop at the Lab!

Last Tuesday we held our first Arduino Workshops at the lab. As part of the ‚trial study‘-programm we worked together with students on a small Arduino project to teach them the basics of the hard- as well as software.


11. October 2016

#talents project


You want to expand your digital horizon as well as gain some working experience?

Do you want to know how a SEO-, Content-, or Community Manager really works?

Why retweeting or content sharing can be illegal?
With what kind of digital tools project management can be executed more efficiantley?
etc. . . .

Perhaps the #talents project of the research group for innovation and regional development may be the perfect workshop for you.

More infos at:

22. September 2016

3D Start Up reinvents the plaster cast

The Mexican start up “MediPrint” thought it was about time that the way we heal and treat broken bones ViNN:Lab receives an update, so and they invented a way to create individualized 3D printed casts.

Those new casts will be way easier to clean, more comfortable to wear  and are also more hygienic.

A great update for a well overdue medical procedure