"Teaching Youngsters the Technologies of Tomorrow"


As part of the ViNN:Lab, the KiVi:Lab focusses on educating youngsters in the usage of modern prototyping technologies through workshops.

In 'hands on' workshops the kids learn to use 3D printers, laser cutters, arduino soft- as well as hardware to playfully learn the basics of modern prototyping.

"Today is the day to learn something new."


3D Printing

By offering interactive 3D workshops, youngsters touch base with the most fundamental principles of this prototyping technology. In small projects they playfully learn to use soft- as well as hardware associated with 3D printing.


Group Projects

By working one more detailed projects within a group, the kids learn to coordinate each other as well as interact efficiently in groups.

This form of interaction also contributes to a more 'in deep' learning process.


Lasercutter Basics

We offer a variety of different laser cutter workshops the kids can work on. We will guide them through the whole cutting process, from the design stage, through creating their own  cuttable pdf document, all the way up to cutting their own small projects.

"We strive to provide the kids with a one of a kind learning experience. Its is highly important to us that youngsters have fun tinkering around with this new form of technology as well as playfully learn how to use it."
- Isabel Weidlich KiVi:Expert

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