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The ViNN:Lab is a prototyping- and creative lab at the TH-Wildau. We love to help people create (almost) anything.



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As a part of the FAB LAB Community we strive to provide you with the right technology and training to skyrocket your idea.


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8. May 2017

Fashion meets ViNN:Lab.

Right now some of our employees and users work on different projects involving fashion and textile materials.

At the last open lab day some creative tinkers lasered fashion accessories out of acrylic glass and MDF as well as researched if one can 3D print directly onto textile materials.

We also have a new intern at the lab! In the upcoming weeks Jesse will work on different projects involving the scanning and 3D printing of a pair of shoes.

If you guys have some ideas on how to combine newest technology with textiles, than stop by our next Open Lab Day this Wednesday from 9am-7pm or this Saturday from 9am-5pm.

Your team from the lab.

29. April 2017

Newcomer at the lab.


Today we want to introduce you to our „newbie“ Carvey.

Carvey is a mobile milling machine with an easy to use interface and almost no learning curve involved.

You can already book your first session with carvey via setmore.

We are very looking forward to the awesome projects you guys are going to create with her.

Your team from the lab.

24. April 2017

Ship Propeller out of the 3D printer.

Ship Propeller out of the 3D printer.

In cooperation with the RAMLAB project the Harbor of Rotterdam has designed and revealed the first ship propeller printed via 3D printer.

The Ram Lab initiative aims to significantly lower the cost of producing spare parts for the ship industry. To achieve this goal they use their innovative WAMM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) process.

A great invention and definitely an idea worth developing further.

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