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 ===== Sicherheitshinweise ===== ===== Sicherheitshinweise =====
 +  * DO NOT disassemble the machine or remove any of its protective covers while the unit is plugged in.
 +  * DO NOT attempt to defeat the door interlocks.
 +  * DO NOT view directly into the beam of the Laser Diode Pointer (Red Dot Pointer).
 +  * DO NOT operate the Laser Diode Pointer (Red Dot Pointer) without the machine’s focus lens in place. If theunfocused beam strikes a reflective surface, it could be directed out of the cabinet.
 +Caution – Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified hereinmay result in hazardous radiation exposure.
 ===== Tipps & Tricks ===== ===== Tipps & Tricks =====
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